Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Quantum physics, genetics, and psychology?

In a video message, biologist Bruce Lipton introduces his ideas on genetics and health. His first message is that our lives are far less determined by the genes than we think. Rather, it is the environmental information that selects the genes and can modify their readout. His second message is that matter (for example, the matter humans consist of) is not only influenced by matter and chemistry, but also by energy. Therefore, in Lipton’s opinion, we can control our health with our beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes about life. He draws a parallel to physics: Newtonian physics, in which matter played a key role, was superseded by quantum physics, in which energy plays the key role. His idea is that a transformation from a material to an energy world will take place, in which emotions and feelings like love and harmony will become more important than physical possessions.

His ideas are highly controversial. For example, it is argued that he does not take well-documented and acknowledged research results on how gene expression is controlled by cells into consideration. Furthermore, other researchers state that some of his ideas are not as revolutionary as he makes people believe. For example, it is widely accepted that we are not entirely determined by our genes.

However, his key message is that our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings influence our health far more than we think. No matter to what extent we believe this to be true, it is at least something to make one think.

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