Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Dare to disagree

When we supposedly found a solution to a problem, how can we be sure this is the one? You might it surprising, but: actively seek disconfirmation and create conflict around your theories.

This is what entrepreneur Margaret Heffernan suggests to make sure you have a good solution to a problem. In her TED Talk she explains how not being able to prove that you are wrong can give you the confidence that you are right.

This is what she calls a constructive conflict. It requires that we find people who are very different from ourselves. We have to resist our drive to prefer people who are like ourselves and we have to seek out people with different backgrounds, ways of thinking and experience. It requires patience and energy. She applies this insight to companies and points out that we should not be afraid of conflict. We should dare to disagree so that we can be sure we are providing optimal solutions!

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