Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Je ne regrette rien…

That is what famous Edith Piaf used to sing. But in fact most of us have something they regret. And just as often they might regret that they regret it. Of course they would prefer not to regret it. However, embracing our regrets rather than regretting them might be the better option.

In a TED Talk, “wrongologist” Kathryn Schulz explains that regret is something healthy, only sociopaths and people with brain damage are free of it. She argues that we should embrace our regrets rather than not regretting anything.

In her opinion one of the most important lessons regret teaches us is that we need to learn to love the flawed imperfect things that we create and to forgive ourselves for creating them. Regret does not remind us that we do badly, but it reminds us that we can do better.

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